Take a L.E.A.P.

LEAP Home Page BlockWhen scientists talk about “quantum leaps” they are talking about electrons going from one energy level to another. A “Quantum L.E.A.P.” for business is an abrupt and extreme change for the better!

The L.E.A.P. system is designed to bridge the gap between theory and action, and between good intentions and making lasting changes to an organization.

How do you change an organization? You change it by creating new behaviors, starting with the CEO and senior management.

Theories are easy. New ideas are simple to grasp. A two day seminar or “all hands” meeting can really pump-up the troops and get them excited.  But what happens the next day, or the next week, or the next month? Excitement fades. New ideas are forgotten. Resolution goes bust. That is where the L.E.A.P. system comes in. Imagine a system that:

  • Lays out an action plan for all key roles on one page
  • Eliminates day to day decisions of how to move forward
  • Acts as your reminder for new routines and habits
  • Provides a road map to action to implement new ideas

L.E.A.P. uses four key management principles to propel change forward in your business:

  • Leverage every aspects of your roles and responsibilities
  • Executive action, providing leadership and high-level thinking
  • Acceleration moves your business forward faster
  • Plan each month, week, and day with critical activities

L.E.A.P. is unique to each person, just as each person plays a unique role in their organization. Find out what a quantum L.E.A.P. would do for you and the future of your business.