Just a few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk and planning my day, when the thought occurred to me: I really need to post to my blog again and send an e-mail. Immediately afterward I said to myself,  “Wow! That is going to take so much time! First you you need to develop […]

Finding My Voice

For years I have struggled to find my business “voice” – a point of view so I could focus my efforts, hone my business skills, and share my passion for business. After all, conventional wisdom tells us that “the riches are in the niches” and that specialists make the big bucks. But I had a […]

Revenue Growth: Beyond Sales & Promotions

“The economy is bad.” “The competition is killing us.” “The market is stagnant.” “We’ve hit the limit of our market share.” “We don’t have the resources to do any more.” How many additional excuses can a company make for not being able to generate revenue? There are too many ways to mention, but fortunately there are […]