Client Impact

“A no-nonsense approach to solving problems and implementing plans.”

Offer Point RealtyDoyle Johnson, Principal Broker, Offer Point Realty

“David takes the time to understand the whole project from start to finish. In that way he assures that everyone gets what they “bargained for” from the very beginning. He is a personable and professional man in a business that is full of promises but usually short on results.”

Investors WorkshopsShawn Watkins, Investors Workshops

“During the previous 3 weeks, our business has had the pleasure of working with David Safeer. We have seen nothing but positive attitude and assurance from David. He has really done his best at opening our eyes to new ways at looking at our business and taught us skills to help us better analyze each business decision and its possible impact on our store. David has worked diligently to prepare and teach us a plan of action that will help our business to thrive once again.”

R.O.P.E. Inc.Wallace G. Rollins, R.O.P.E. Inc.

“The working relationships with David led to the enlightenment of our weaknesses and strengths as business operators. David revealed how to become more profitable, and setting the tools needed to do so.”

Cesare's Collision Repair & TowingGabriel Jacques, Cesare’s Collision Repair & Towing

“I was always impressed by David’s thorough knowledge of his markets, his leadership and the respect he inspired throughout the international organisation. David and his team generated creative solutions for incredibly complex business problems as well as great results in a highly challenging market. David was a great pleasure to work with and someone I learned from.”

Iomega®David Kohler, Iomega Europe

“David and I worked together about 4 years during which I saw some dramatic changes in the region that he directed. Before David came, we had difficulties growing sales in the region. After David’s arrival, sales grew and market-share increased and yet he still maintained tight control of costs. I could say much more about David’s effectiveness, there’s just not enough space.”

1st Iomega®Ari Hunsaker, Product Manager, Iomega Corporation

“… a dynamic speaker that truly engages an audience. His broad-based knowledge and unique presentation skills made him the key voice for several companies I worked for.”

KodakJoel Holtzman, VicePresident Eastman Kodak

“David… was an excellent example of positive expectancy and optimism who had the ability to make quick adjustments to keep positive momentum and maintained an encouraging resiliency in the organization during the period of change.”

KodakJim Reisteter, Vice President & General Manager, Eastman Kodak

“David was the key element to Iomega’s successful expansion and growth into Latin America. I was very impressed with his level of knowledge and business-growth expertise. David demonstrated a keen ability to develop effective marketing strategies to penetrate new markets and build profit, while keeping costs under control. He was highly effective at addressing and presenting solutions to major challenges we faced, strengthening business relationship with our distributors and customer in the region, which ultimately led to success. I would recommended David -instantly- to any company that is seriously committed to expand or grow its business.”

Iomega®Paulina Michaud, Marketing Manager, Iomega