Just a few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk and planning my day, when the thought occurred to me: I really need to post to my blog again and send an e-mail. Immediately afterward I said to myself,  “Wow! That is going to take so much time! First you you need to develop the idea, then write the first draft, then re-write it because that’s when you really get it done right, then have Lisa (my wife) and Dad (my father) proof read it for spelling, grammar, and general corrections, and then… and then… and then…!”

What's holding you back?

What’s holding you back?

Wow! From enthusiasm for a good idea to depression from being overwhelmed in under 2 seconds!

Then it hit me: These were all excuses created out of fear. Fear that people would like what I wrote. Fear of spelling mistakes that go back to the fourth grade when I realized that I am spelling challenged, fear that the time will be too much for my schedule to handle… the list goes on.

DOUBLE WOW! How can I have so much fear about one small thing. So, here is my first blog post that will be unedited, written once, and with no one watching over my shoulder to help me with spelling, grammar, or clarity. So PLEASE be kind and let me know if you like it.

As the sign and the title say, “Bold. Fearless.Unstoppable.” That is the mantra that I took on a little over three weeks ago that has changed my life for good. While I have been motivated by love, for recognition, to achieve things, there have been way too many actions and decisions made out of fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of rejection. You get the idea.

Here is the amazing thing that happened as soon as I made this decision: I started to recognize the fear, and the instant that I recognized the fear, it was diffused. Trying to become fearless has changed my life, and it has changed it for good.

So hear is what I just did: I decided to take 30 minutes to write and post this, including creating the graphic. If it was imperfect, so be it.

Now for the BIG question: How is this relevant to you?

I’d invite you to ask your self if there is something that you are doing, or are not doing, out of fear that would change your life for the better? It could be something in business or something personal.

Once you recognize what you are (not) doing, then I’d challenge you to face your fear and go for it. Just think how doing this even once a day could improve your life and how you feel about yourself.

Gotta go… only five minutes left on my 30 minute deadline and I still need to put the graphic in and press “publish!”


LESSONS LEARNED: OK, I am back editing this… I have another 5 minutes to “fix” a couple of things!

#1. *Thank you to KELLY FIDELL, my coach and mentor who is helping me become BOLD, FEARLESS, and UNSTOPPABLE. It is her slogan, inspired me to do this post AND live without fear.

#2. LESSON LEARNED: I can do something fast about 95% right, and then go back and fix the “mistakes” in about 1/10 the time that it takes to try for perfection.

#3. I haven’t done this on my blog post before, but I am being BOLD so here is an invitation: If you looking to make a breakthrough in your business, that will grow your profits 6 to 7 figures, then let’s talk about L.E.A.P., the system that is designed to help business executives achieve results faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

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